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Dragonfly Walk

A day well spent at Betki, Goa exploring lesser known fauna of wetlands- Odonata. AERO is thankful to Mr. Vighnesh Shinde for explaining in detail about each species, their behaviour and letting participants take a peek into the world of Dragonflies & Damselflies. Special thanks to Poira High School students for joining this learning curve. Looking forward for more participation in upcoming events.




Checklist of Odonata Species Documented

White Dartlet

Wandering Glider

Pied Paddy Skimmer

Lesser Blue Wing

Stream Ruby

River Heliodor

Common Clubtail

Blue-tailed Green Darner

Green Marsh Hawk

Brown-backed Marsh Hawk

Ground Skimmer

Little-blue Marsh Hawk

Ruddy Marsh Skimmer

Greater Crimson Glider

Picture Wing

Crimson-tailed Marsh Hawk

Orange-tailed Marsh Dart

Yellow Bush Dart

Blue Bush Dart


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